How to put a job on Sarkari Result website?

Sarkari Result provides an initiative by the Government to provide transparency on different positions, vacancies, results and other information.

You need to register with Sarkari Result to avail its services. To put a job on this site, first find out whether your department is registered with Sarkari Result.

Click ‘Job Management System Provision’ in the list of collaboration steps and check if your office can create a new job application here. Follow the registration process for putting a vacancy on the website. You will have to register as user by providing some basic information like password and contact details before you can submit or modify any new applications on this site

Public sector jobs in India was the latest category that Sarkari Result has added.

Due to the rise of digital age and skill up the problem of unemployment, this is a new way for government to reach citizens and generate employment that are indexed on a website. There is a huge percentage of population who is waiting for this type of opportunity to rebuild and revive their lives, Sarkariservice is facilitating them.

An individual in India, if he/she would register and publish his/her occupation profile on patriot portal

and apply on relevant position then how can they get full help from sarkariresult website?

Public Sector Jobs registration procedure

Registration: web registration or app download (from patriot portal) possible options based on client requirements. Candidate goes through several validation process like photo upload

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