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What is meant by the circumference of a circle

Learn in detail about the circumference of a circle here!

In geometry, there are several shapes that you can measure with a normal scale. Now, what if we tell you to calculate the length of a circle. Many of you will argue with us that the circle does not have any length that you can measure. But you are wrong! The circumference of a circle is there available that shows what is the length of a circle.

Circles have length no doubt, but what information do you have related to them? Due to lack of information you are unable to score good marks in your exams. If questions are related to the circumference of a circle, here are some details related to it. In this guide, we have highlighted to you different information related to the same.

What is meant by the circumference of a circle?

The perimeter of a circle or the circumference is an accurate measurement of a circular boundary. On the other hand, a circle is an enclosed figure that shows the set of points are equidistant from a fixed point, hence forming a round shape. To make such an explanation simpler, we have one task for you to follow. Take a circular shape wire and cut it from between. You can see that there is a straight line that shows the actual length of a circle or the circumference.

Every time you cannot use the same process to determine the value of the circumference. There are some formulas that you must be implementing to know what the formula of the circumference is. 2πr is the right formula and you need to substitute the values like ‘r’ which is radius and π (Pi) which is constant having the value 3.14. The SI units of measuring the circumference are in metres or centimeters.

How to calculate the radius?

Take the rule and place it at the center of a circle. Now, measure the diameter or the mid segment line length of a circle. What is it? It is twice the radius because from the fixed point, you will be drawing a radius that touches the circumference or the boundary of a circle. Once you have calculated the value of ‘D’ (diameter), divide it by two and you will get the value of the radius. This same principle is helpful for you in exams and the geometry section.

It is not just about the circumference, but you can also calculate other things in a circle like area and the perimeter of a semi-circle.

The circular region is enclosed in one boundary. Due to its round form and the formula, the area of a circle is denoted by the letter ‘A’:

A = πr2

In this formula, the radius of the circle is denoted by ‘r’ and this formula is implemented on different types of circle with different radii.

What is meant by the Perimeter of a Semi-Circle?

The semi-circle in simpler words is the half of a circle due to which you divide the shape (circle) into two different equal parts. Therefore, the perimeter (actual length) of the semi-circle reduces to half.

Thus, Perimeter = πr +2r and the area of the semicircle will be πr2/2

You can physically measure the actual length of the circle. You require a good formula that makes the task simpler and that is why we have brought this guide for you.